Bed Sores and Pressure Injuries: How to Avoid Them


A pressure injury to the skin and its underlying issues is often caused by prolonged sitting or lying in the same position for long periods. This can be a problem for seniors who are bedridden or those who tend to sit down for the majority of the day. Fortunately, caregivers in California can help prevent bed sores and pressure injuries by doing the following:

  • Practice incontinence care.
    Constant exposure to moisture causes skin damage and increases the risk of pressure ulcers. Caregiving support and personal hygiene will prevent skin breakdown. Caregivers should cleanse the skin with water and mild soap before drying the skin gently and thoroughly after incontinence episodes.
  • Ensure adequate nutrition and hydration.
    Once a pressure injury has developed, adequate hydration and nutrition play a key role in wound healing. At each stage of the healing process, wounds will require a balance of nutrients. With non-medical home care in California, seniors receive assistance with grocery shopping and meal preparation to promote a balanced diet.
  • Reassess the skin regularly.
    Skin care is essential and should entail reassessing the skin regularly to detect pressure injuries early. Caregivers should check for signs of unhealthy color changes that do not go away, changes in skin temperature, and changes in skin texture like dry patches, skin breakage, or swelling.
  • Move throughout the day.
    An effective way to prevent bed sores is to move regularly. Caregivers should turn bed-bound patients every two hours and change their lying positions. They can also provide hands-on mobility assistance to encourage seniors to stay active.

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