The Impact of Having Pets on Seniors’ Lives

Pet ownership offers obvious benefits, such as limitless affection and unconditional love but did you know there are also health benefits to living with a dog or cat? For seniors, pets increase opportunities for physical activity and contribute to better cognitive function during the golden years. As a provider of non-medical home care in California, we will discuss the benefits of pets on seniors’ lives:

  • Pets offer a sense of purpose.

    Caring for a pet gives our lives purpose and establishes a daily routine. This adds structure to our days and develops a mutual bond that improves our physical and mental health. Seniors with pets have a renewed sense of purpose and promote independence.

  • Pets promote socialization.

    Aside from communicating with caregivers in California, pet ownership also encourages seniors to form connections with other people. Having a pet opens up the door for senior pet owners to meet other people in their neighborhoods and participate in social activities.

  • Pets prevent loneliness.

    Similar to receiving caregiving support, taking care of a pet alleviates feelings of loneliness. The company of a cat or dog helps seniors feel less lonely while providing emotional support. Pets can also speed up recovery as pet ownership promotes a positive outlook and helps seniors cope with physical or emotional symptoms.

We at Care Specialist believe that pet care shouldn’t be a burden for seniors. As part of our in-home care in Granada Hills, California, we offer pet care services to look after your senior loved one’s furry companion. Contact us to inquire about our services.


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