Uncovering the Lesser-Known Signs of Dementia

Dementia is a general term that refers to a loss of language, problem-solving, memory, and other thinking problems that interfere with daily life. While most of us are aware of its common symptoms like memory loss, there are lesser-known signs that can be just as important. As a leading provider of non-medical home care in California, we delve deeper to uncover the lesser-known signs of dementia:

  • Disorientation with time and place.

    Beyond occasional forgetfulness, dementia can cause confusion about time and place. A loved one with dementia may become disoriented and unable to recall the day, time, or their current location. This causes anxiety and a sense of unease as the familiar landmarks of life become increasingly elusive to them.

  • Loss of sense of smell.

    This is often attributed to changes brought about by aging. Changes in the ability to smell affect our enjoyment of food, sense of safety, and quality of life. Loss of smell is a signal of inflammatory response in the brain and can be caused by cognitive changes. Paying attention to this symptom can help identify dementia in its early stages and give you time to arrange dementia or Alzheimer’s care.

  • Unusual apathy or increased agitation.

    Caregivers in California may notice behavioral changes, such as a lack of interest or withdrawal from social activities. Another early sign of dementia may entail restlessness, agitation, and irritability which can be attributed to cognitive changes.

We at Care Specialist offer in-home care in Granada Hills, California. We understand the effect of dementia on our clients and their families. Hence, we provide the support they need with compassion and respect. Feel free to contact us to find out more about our specialties in Alzheimer’s and dementia care.


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